Fiber and Power

Redundancy in both fiber and power assures no lost time or revenue due to outages. IBP is served by two separate sub-stations, with dual feed power running to selected buildings. All buildings have generator pad sites available, as well.

  • High-speed fiber optic cabling for data, voice and video transmission
  • Multiple fiber lines
  • Multiple service providers (both fiber and electrical)
  • Dual points of entry into many buildings (both fiber and electrical)
  • Complete fiber redundancy
  • Complete electrical redundancy (2 separate substations)
  • SONET ring fiber-optic infrastructure assures companies are always online
  • Conduit providing the ability to connect each building
  • Copper in place (two providers)
  • Generator pad sites available in every building
  • Underground infrastructure providing uninterrupted service and reliability
  • Modular design allows for quick modification
  • Electricity served by both TU Electric and CoServ for competitive bidding advantage


Need fast & reliable internet but don’t have time to shop around? We’ve teamed up with ITDreamwire to provide our tenants a plug and play solution giving access to a new generation of secure internet connectivity free from performance issues and outages.

  • Intelligent Load Balancing - Monitors circuit conditions, adapting load balancing in real-time to match application traffic needs to circuit performance.
  • Dynamic QoS - Prioritizes VoIP, Cloud, and other real-time traffic across Internet connections.
  • Same IP Address Failover - All applications (even VoIP) stay connected when a circuit fails.
  • Plug and Play Provisioning - Simple setup and service charges, no complex configuration required. We monitor each ISP connection, end-to-end, 10 times per second for packet-loss, latency, jitter, and capacity.

Even if you don't want to use ITDreamwire as your internet service provider, they can help you setup with any of the ISP's that service our buildings and can provide other services like Office 365 hosting or VOIP phone service.