Redundancy in both fiber and power assures no lost time or revenue due to outages. IBP is served by two separate sub-stations, with dual feed power running to selected buildings. All buildings have generator pad sites available, as well.

  • High-speed fiber optic cabling for data, voice and video transmission
  • Multiple fiber lines
  • Multiple service providers (both fiber and electrical)
  • Dual points of entry into many buildings (both fiber and electrical)
  • Complete fiber redundancy
  • Complete electrical redundancy (2 separate substations)
  • SONET ring fiber-optic infrastructure assures companies are always online
  • Conduit providing the ability to connect each building
  • Copper in place (two providers)
  • Generator pad sites available in every building
  • Underground infrastructure providing uninterrupted service and reliability
  • Modular design allows for quick modification
  • Electricity served by both TU Electric and CoServ for competitive bidding advantage